Gender equity in academia

The discussion on gender equity is ongoing in academia, including within the UW-System. Despite advances, there are still gender disparities in tenured professorships and other top academic positions, especially in STEM and legal fields. Researchers across the country are taking different approaches toward explaining this inequality:

Subtle biases influence CEO gender pay gap

The Washington Post article, "There's a big gender gap in CEO pay. Bad negotiating isn't the reason,"  discusses the 18% gender pay gap among women CEOs. The author discusses how cognitive errors can lead people to unconsciously perceive and evaluate male and female candidates differently.

Supreme Court makes it harder to sue for discrimination and retaliation

In a sharply divided ruling, the US Supreme Court narrowed the criteria that allows an employee to sue an employer for discrimination and limited how juries can decide retaliation lawsuits.  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg in her dissent stated, "both decisions dilute the strength of Title VII in ways Congress could not have intended."  A Washington Post article provides details about the

Dispute on transgender rights unfolds at a Colorado school

Parents of a young child who identifies as female pulled her from school when the school district decided she could no longer use the girls' restroom and had to use the staff's or a gender-neutral bathroom instead.  A New York Times article details this and other cases around the country.  It's an issue that has become more commonplace in recent years as advocacy groups push to ensure that school districts are more attuned to the needs of transgender child

Office of Inclusion invites your help recruiting summer interns

UW-Extension will hire 13 college students, recruiting from underrepresented groups, for paid internships through the 2013 Summer Affirmative Action Internship Program (SAAIP).

UW Board of Regents names diversity award winners

Professors at UW-Green Bay and UW-Madison and a scholars program at UW-Whitewater have been recognized by the Board of Regents for fostering access and success in university life for historically underrepresented populations.   See article for more details.

U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights releases guidance regarding participation of students with disabilities in athletic programs

The U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights released guidance materials regarding students with disabilites in athletic programs. The "Dear Colleague" letter is available on their website.

"Likeablity" is a key qualification for employers

A study in the American Sociological Review examined interiew and hiring techniques to determine the criteria used to make employment decisions. Employee "fit" was described as one of the three most important criteria used to assess candidates, however, desire for cultural similiarity can reinforce existing inequalities. For more information, read the Time article "So Much for Qualifications: Employers Hire People They Like."

Awareness of privilege can improve inclusion

In this article from the Society for Human Resource Management, co-presenters Josh Crary and Kevin Johnson illustrate how basic etiquette can be applied to create  an environment more inclusive of people with disabilities.  There is a common belief that it's the people with disabilities that cause problems in the workplace; however the "problem" can often be better defined as an environment that wasn't designed to be accessible for all.  Thanks to colleague Diana Tscheschl


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