UW Colleges' Lisa Hager on Planning Trans-Inclusive Conferences

All Gender Accessible Bathroom Sign
All-Gender Accessible Bathroom Sign via http://www.mydoorsign.com/all-gender-toilets.

Lisa Hager’s essay in Inside Higher Ed, “Welcoming Trans Academics,” provides simple, actionable steps to take to make academic conferences more inclusive for transgender participants. Hager, an Assistant Professor of English at UW-Waukesha, suggests items related to conference content, such as seeking papers and presentations about trans or non-binary gender identities, as well as logistical items, such as designating gender-neutral bathroom for use over the course of the event.

Transgender people face discrimination and harassment on a daily basis. By considering their workplace needs, we take steps toward creating more welcoming, inclusive environments for all. To read Lisa Hager’s full essay, see “Welcoming Trans Academics.”