In the News: "Race for Results" Highlights Racial Disparities in Wisconsin

Six preschool students stand in a line.
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Black children in Wisconsin face major disadvantages, according to last month’s “Race for Results” report. This report featured the sobering local results of the national “Kids Count” data, which ranked child well-being by race for all 50 states. Outcomes of black children, teenagers, and young adults in Wisconsin were ranked lowest in the nation on four well-being measures: delayed childbearing, school or work success, living in two-parent families, and earning an Associate’s Degree or higher by age 29.

While the ranking of Wisconsin’s black children compared to those in other states is alarming, comparing these children to their white peers within the state only increases the cause for concern. White children and young adults across Wisconsin enjoy some of the highest success rates in school and at work (white children in Wisconsin, for example, come first in the country for high school graduation rates), highlighting glaring racial disparities.

While Wisconsin’s Latino and Native American children also underperform white children, the disparities are not as stark as those between black and white children.

For more information, see The Cap Times’ “Damning disparities: Wisconsin is a great place for kids to grow up – unless they’re black.”