Businesses Reflect on Social Mobility in Madison

The Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison
The Wisconsin Stat Capitol in Madison. Image by Ryan Wick via WikiMedia Commons.

“If not Madison now, then where and when?” Such is the question that economist and political theorist Richard V. Reeves intends to put before the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce. Reeves, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute, will be addressing the Chamber of Commerce on social mobility and income inequality.

In an interview with The Cap Times, Reeves posits that the Madison community has some unique opportunities and challenges with regard to social mobility. On the one side, Madison is more economically segregated than similarly situated midsized cities and struggles with racial equity. However, Madison benefits from a healthy economy and citizens who are by and large interested in addressing issues of inequity. Reeves argues that the stage is set for businesses to make a positive impact on equity and social mobility.

For more information, see “The Business Case for Social Mobility in Madison” in The Cap Times.